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Design/Build Remodeling – What It Is and Why It Matters for Your Home

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Have you considered a design/build firm for your home remodel? The design/build approach streamlines the remodeling process, offering important benefits for Northern Virginia homeowners.

What is Design/Build?

Home renovation projects used to require a two-step process. During the first phase, you hired an architect who designed your new space. Once the architectural plans were finished, you searched for a contractor who would carry out the work.

Design/build firms employ both architects and renovators. In fact, the same company that designs your remodel also completes the renovation.

Design/Build Reduces Delays

The design/build approach can save you time by:

  • Cutting Interviewing Time in Half: Interviewing and evaluating architectural and contracting companies can be very time intensive. Fortunately, you’ll get to talk to both designers and builders during the same meeting if you opt for the design/build method.
  • Eliminating Lag Time: After your architect completes his or her drawings, renovators bid on the project. It may take several weeks until you hear from every company asked to submit bids. After you select a contractor, you may wait weeks or months until construction can begin. When you work with a design/build firm, lag time isn’t a problem. Once the design phase is finished, construction can begin almost immediately in many cases.

Communication Issues Won’t Slow Down Your Project

Communication difficulties can occur among the most seasoned professionals, particularly if they have different communication styles. If your architect and renovators have trouble getting along or communicating clearly, you may need to step in to coordinate the project or even mediate disagreements. Poor communication can also lead to change orders that increase the cost of your project.

Communication issues usually aren’t an issue with a design/build firm. The entire team works together every single day and has established procedures and protocols to prevent misunderstandings and delays. If a minor problem does occur with your remodel, they’ll work together to solve it without involving you.

Design/build firms also prioritize communications with clients. You’ll receive regular updates during every step of the design and remodeling process. The contact person assigned to your project will let you know which contractors will be working on your project and when they’ll arrive every day. He or she will be available to answer questions and share any concerns or requests for changes with the design/build team.

Your Budget Will Be More Accurate

If you follow the traditional construction process, your architect will give you a rough estimate of your potential construction costs after finishing your plans. Unfortunately, he or she has no control over the prices construction companies charge. In fact, bids for your job can be substantially higher than you expected.

Design/build firms use a team approach to create budgets. Architects and renovators work together to provide you with a realistic price for your remodel based on current labor and material costs. As a result, you’ll receive a more accurate budget projection and won’t be blindsided by unexpected costs during the middle of the project. Your detailed contract will covers every aspect of the remodel, from initial drawings to construction to finish work.

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