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How Much Does a Home Addition Cost in Northern Virginia?

February 8, 2020 / /

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How Much Does a Home Addition Cost in Northern VirginiaIn a competitive real estate market, many buyers settle for houses that don’t quite satisfy all of their requirements. The homes may lack enough bedrooms or bathrooms, or only have enough room for tiny outdated kitchens. Luckily, it’s possible to turn any property into the home of your dreams by building an addition.

Although costs vary depending on the size of the addition and the features and amenities you prefer, our examination of home addition costs in Northern Virginia can help you set a rough budget for your renovation project.

What Can I Expect to Pay?

Remodeling’s Cost vs. Value Report 2020 examined the cost of two popular types of home additions in our area: bathrooms and master suites.

The report estimated that an upscale bathroom addition would cost about $90,871 in the D.C. metro area. Remodeling’s imaginary bathroom included a neo-angle shower in a separate stall, soaking tube, stone countertops, in-floor heating and other luxurious features.

They also priced construction of an upscale master bedroom addition at $286,777. For that price, you would receive a 32 x 20’ suite built over a crawlspace. Your new suite would feature a sitting area, custom bookcases, gas fireplace with stone hearth and custom mantle, walking cost and French doors.

Additions generally cost about twice what you would pay for a remodel. For example, Remodeling estimates that an upscale major kitchen remodel would cost $134,190 in our area. If you opted to build a brand new kitchen instead of renovating your existing kitchen, you might pay at least $296,000. Adding a family room to your kitchen addition would increase the price even more.

What Factors Affect Price?

The price you’ll pay for your addition depends on several factors, including:

  • Foundation Type: Adding a new basement will be more expensive than building the addition over a crawlspace or slab. HGTV notes tying together the new and old section of your basement can be a contributing factor in the cost.
  • Materials: Quality materials add to the price of your addition, but they’ll be much more likely to last for years. Building products that must be imported will also increase your costs and may extend the timeline for your addition.
  • Size: The more square footage you add, the more you’ll pay for your addition. You’ll also need to consider the costs and benefits of one-story additions versus two-story additions.
  • Appliances and Amenities: It doesn’t make sense to settle for entry-level appliances when you’re building a brand new kitchen. Wolf ranges, refrigerators that communicate with your smartphone, wine chillers and other premium appliances may increase the cost of your addition.
  • Complicating Factors: Will your renovators need to move or break up a huge boulder in the middle of your yard before they begin construction. What about your driveway? Will you need to move it? Any factors that complicate your project will also boost the price you’ll pay.

Have you been considering adding on to your home? Our design/build team can help you create an addition that improves the comfort, function and beauty of your Northern Virginia home. Contact us for information about our design/build approach to remodeling.

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How Much Does a Home Addition Cost in Northern Virginia