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How Much Does a Remodel Cost?

January 27, 2021 / /

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When people ask “How much does a remodel cost?” they may presume that there is standard pricing that can easily be quoted. But as a custom remodeler, we need to know more before we can determine a cost. There is no one-size-fits-all price. Since your home and your needs are unique, your cost of remodeling is also unique to you.


Questions about cost are the most common ones we hear, and the highest priority on most of our clients’ minds. The factors that go into the cost of a remodel can include the scope of work, or the type of remodeling project, size and dimensions; the material selections; finishes; time and labor; and extras. Remodel cost factors are also determined on whether the project is large and complicated, like an addition that requires ground preparation, or smaller and simpler, like an upgrade of an existing space.

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How Do You Price a Remodel Cost?

Each element of your remodeling job has a specific cost assigned to it, and these costs are identified as each element is defined. We find it helpful to offer you several options—the cost of what you truly want, the cost of what you can afford, and the cost of what we can do within your budget. Often, the homeowner finds a compromise between their ultimate dream and their budget allowance once they see the figures. There are usually some items on the wish list that are worth it.

Fees for acquiring permits, and if necessary, required upgrades to your existing plumbing or electrical system can add to your remodel cost. In addition, labor and material costs can fluctuate depending on the time of year, weather conditions, and availability. There are many variables involved.

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Sometimes there is a hidden cost of a remodel. This is something that is unknown at the start of the remodeling process and only revealed once the job has begun. Opening a wall to find that the electrical wiring is not up to code, or discovering that the support beams are rotted are items that cannot be detected beforehand. When these discoveries occur, the job requires what is called a change order. Your cost for remediation will be outlined and you will sign off on that additional fee.

Our entire team works hard to quote you fair and accurate pricing on your remodel cost, and to ensure that we work within your allotted budget. While you may ask, “How much does a remodel cost?” it is important to fully understand the scope of work and any related requirements.

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