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The Open Concept Kitchen – One Solution Suitable for Many Lifestyle Stages

August 3, 2018 / /

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Kitchen remodels are always at the top of the list for homeowners considering a renovation.  It’s the part of your home that can cause a lot of aggravation when it’s not functioning to its full potential.  And this is certainly understandable. Your kitchen sees the most traffic on a daily basis by your family and it also plays host to all of your guests when you are entertaining.

Over the years, we have found that families of all ages and sizes have concerns about how to improve the functionality and flow of in their kitchen as well as how it can better connect with the other living areas in their home.  As we discuss their specific needs, we often find that an open concept kitchen is a great solution.

What is an open concept kitchen?

For decades now, open concept kitchens have been solving a variety of dilemmas.  At its core, an open concept plan is one that has minimal, if any dividing walls between rooms. This allows all the rooms to flow freely into one another, acting as one large open space.  Open concept kitchens will frequently connect to living or dining rooms, mudrooms, and/or sunrooms. You can define these individual areas as you like, but they key is maintaining the visual and spatial connection between them all.  Homeowners who embark on an open concept kitchen remodel may have walls removed between rooms, repurpose existing rooms that aren’t being used, build an addition, or have a combination of some or all of these situations.

View our open concept kitchen remodels below by clicking this link!

Who can benefit from an open concept kitchen?

All types of families and households can enjoy this type of floor plan.  Here are a few examples:

For families with school-aged children, an open concept kitchen will allow:

  • A parent to be preparing a meal in the kitchen while still being able to see into other rooms where the children are studying or playing.
  • The ability to socialize while preparing meals.
  • Informal and formal dining options. You can include a kitchen island with seating as well as a formal dining room.
  • A command center for family business where you can maintain calendars and even set up a computer station.
  • Integration with a mudroom for easy comings and goings.

For singles, couples without children, or empty nesters, an open concept kitchen will allow:

  • The ability to socialize with guests while preparing meals.
  • Flexible entertaining options such as large islands where guests can gather or meals can be served.
  • Better overall use of space to meet specific lifestyle needs. For example: swap out the dining area for a craft room or office space.

For homeowners who wish to age-in-place, an open concept kitchen will allow

  • Clearance for someone with mobility challenges or in a wheelchair.
  • Customization options such as adjusted counter heights, below counter microwaves, touch-less faucets, cabinet organizers, or pullout pantries.
  • Plenty of light to make navigation easy.

What are the aesthetic benefits of an open concept kitchen?

  • Improves the flow of your home and creates a more relaxed style of living.
  • With the absence of walls, natural light will stream throughout the spaces.
  • No visual barriers.
  • Makes a home feel larger.
  • Can be customized to suit your specific design preferences from traditional to modern.Click here to see a great example of a project we completed that has a contemporary kitchen with rustic and industrial design elements.

If an open concept kitchen could improve your home and lifestyle, we invite you to take a look at our Kitchen portfolio to see some great examples of past remodels we’ve completed.  When you are ready to discuss your own project or if you have questions, please contact us.

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