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The New Concerns About Remodeling During the Pandemic

December 9, 2020 / /

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Like most of us, in March and April 2020, our clients and potential clients were frightened and highly concerned about the impact of the novel virus COVID-19. We didn’t know what it was or what impact it would have on our health and our livelihoods. The biggest concerns about remodeling during the pandemic at that time were safety and sanitation.

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As a remodeling business that thrives on interactions with our clients, we were concerned as well. As a result, we quickly pivoted in the way we operated. We learned new ways of communicating: through Zoom and virtual meetings. We learned that we could conduct much of our business virtually. And we learned about CDC and state safety protocols that we put into practice immediately for the safety of both our clients and our team members.

Some clients were in mid-job, and wanted their remodeling projects completed as quickly as possible since they were eager to shelter at home. Others were just considering their remodel, in the planning and design phases. No matter where they were in the process, safety and sanitation was the first concern with every client and potential client we talked to.

The New Concerns About Remodeling

Nine months later and the industry has given birth to new concerns. We’ve all gotten used to the safety and sanitation practices and expect that they will be carried out faithfully, so we don’t hear questions about this subject very often any more.

Here are the new concerns about remodeling:

Will Remodeling Inconvenience Working and Learning From Home?

In this phase, the coronavirus changed the way we work and attend school. A large percentage of the workforce is now working from home, and most school districts in Northern Virginia have implemented distance learning. Now the questions are about how families can telework and learn during the construction process. The new concern is no longer safety; it’s inconvenience.

Of course there is going to be noise and some disruption during construction, so how can we mitigate that? We put up barriers between rooms being remodeled and the rest of the home. We plan our construction schedule around your important schedule. We listen to your concerns and try to make the process of remodeling as least intrusive a possible. Based on our experience, we help you prepare in advance for minimal disruption.

Is the Return on Investment Still Good?

Should you put off remodeling? No. With interest rates low, and return on investment high, there is a financial reason to plan your remodel now. Plus, you get to enjoy your new, beautiful, and more efficient space sooner.

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How Can I Add Private Work Spaces?

For a long time, homebuilding and remodeling trended towards Open Concept designs. New concerns about remodeling are people wanting private and quiet spaces in which to work and learn. Working with a Design/Build remodeling firm like Schroeder, you have the advantage of an on-site designer and architect who can often find ways to incorporate private spaces into your existing home design. And you always have the option of an addition, conversion of a basement, garage or attic space, or even an outbuilding designed as a home office.

Are You Ready to Remodel? Trust Schroeder Design/Build.

If you’re considering remodeling your home or have new concerns about remodeling, talk to us. We recommend beginning the design process even if you’re uncomfortable with construction process at this time. With the design and selections completed, you will be prepared to step into the construction schedule when you’re ready, ahead of the backlog of those who waited to begin the entire process.

Contact Schroeder Design/Build at 703-449-1700 or We provide award-winning remodeling services for clients located throughout Northern Virginia.

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